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Diego Arria, Vocal Opponent of the Chavez Administration, Interviewed About the Future of Venezuela

Diego Arria, Venezuelan diplomat and former President of the United Nations Security Council, was recently interviewed on “Al Descubierto,” a program on Venevision.  In the interview, Mr. Arria discusses his views on the challenges facing Venezuela and the future of … Continue reading

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Drug Trafficking Defendant Claims to Have Worked as an Informant for the DEA

A recent article in the Houston Chronicle on the involvement of various U.S. law enforcement agencies in Mexico highlights the complexity of the war on drugs.  The defendant in the federal drug trafficking case, a son of one of Mexico’s most powerful drug … Continue reading

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New Report from the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists Reveals Abuse of Interpol Red Notices for Political Purposes

The International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) was created to facilitate cross-border police cooperation, even where diplomatic relations between particular countries do not exist.  Unlike the majority of law enforcement agencies,  INTERPOL agents do not make arrests, and there is no such thing as … Continue reading

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