Firm Overview

Forman Law Group is a dynamic, boutique firm focused primarily on resolving cases and controversies with the United States federal government.  Daniel Forman, Principal, has over forty years of experience as a state, federal, and international criminal lawyer in Miami and has appeared in courts throughout the United States.  Before entering the private practice of law, Mr. Forman served as both a state and federal prosecutor.

Forman Law Group is dedicated to providing the highest quality, comprehensive legal representation, both internationally and domestically.  Small by design, we work closely with our clients, personally handling all aspects of their legal issues with an eye toward strategic solutions to problems that may seem unsolvable to others.  With extensive experience resolving complex legal issues in state, federal, international, and extra-judicial contexts, Forman Law Group is well-equipped to help clients in all matters of complex litigation representation.

You can trust in our expertise to navigate the complicated and often overwhelming judicial process.  One particular strength of Forman Law Group is our ability to guide clients from other countries through problems encountered in the U.S. legal system.  Our attorneys will aggressively and competently defend your legal rights, while providing you and your family with personal attention and care.

Over his long career, Mr. Forman has effectively represented clients in a number of notable and high profile cases.  However, you do not often read about our clients’ legal issues in the newspaper, and this is by design.  Forman Law Group is acutely aware of the need to maintain client privacy and handles every client’s representation with the utmost integrity and discretion.  We pride ourselves on providing clients with peace of mind while guiding them toward the best possible resolution.

As an indication of our dedication to our clients, we offer a no-cost initial consultation to assess your legal needs.  Given our holistic approach to legal representation, an in-person consultation is strongly preferred, however, we also make ourselves available by video conference for those clients who have immediate needs and concerns and are unable to travel to our office.  Our firm is fully bilingual in both Spanish and English.

  • Descripción De La Firma

    Forman Law Group es una firma boutique dinámica enfocada principalmente en resolver casos y controversias con el Gobierno Federal de los Estados Unidos. Forman Law Group se dedica a proveer la más alta calidad, en representación legal integral, tanto internacionalmente como nacional. Daniel Forman, Principal, tiene más de treinta años de experiencia como abogado penalista estatal, federal e internacional en Miami y ha comparecido en varios tribunales de los Estados Unidos. Antes de entrar en la práctica privada de derecho, el Sr. Forman sirvió como fiscal estatal y federal.

    Trabajamos atentamente con nuestros clientes, manejando personalmente todos los aspectos de sus asuntos legales aplicando soluciones estratégicas a problemas que parecen irresoluble para otros. Con amplia experiencia en la resolución de problemas legales complejos, Forman Law Group está bien equipada para ayudar a clientes en todos los asuntos de la representación de litigación de complejos contextos sea estatal, federal, internacional, judicial y extrajudicial.

    Durante su larga carrera, el Sr. Forman efectivamente ha representado a clientes en un número de notables casos de alto perfil. Sin embargo, en el periódico no se lee a menudo acerca de los asuntos legales de nuestros clientes, y esto es por diseño. Forman Law Group es muy consciente de la necesidad de mantener la privacidad del cliente y se encarga de la representación de cada cliente con la máxima honestidad y discreción. Nos enorgullecemos en proveer a los clientes tranquilidad guiándolos hacia la mejor resolución posible.

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