In his over 30 years of experience, Mr. Forman has effectively represented clients in a number of notable and high profile cases. However, irrespective of how large or small the case may be, our firm handles every client’s representation with the utmost integrity and personal care. We pride ourselves on helping both clients and their loved ones understand and navigate the complex judicial process, providing them with protection and peace of mind while guiding them towards the best possible resolution.

The stigma of a criminal arrest, and even mere allegations of criminality, can be damaging to your professional relationships, reputation, and your family. Moreover, such charges can jeopardize your ability to travel, maintain your immigration status, and continue working in your profession or maintain your professional license. Allow our team to help you avoid and mitigate potentially reputation damaging criminal law issues.

Within the United States, we have defended numerous clients facing all manner of charges in state court, such as sealing/expungement, drug trafficking offenses, and DUI. In the federal context, our practice includes representation of clients facing charges of white-collar crimes, often allegations of money laundering and securities fraud, as well as drug trafficking crimes. Internationally, our practice includes resolution of international business disputes with underlying criminal implications, INTERPOL litigation, and OFAC litigation. Forman Law Group is also well-equipped to help clients through the intense process of Grand Jury proceedings.

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