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Money laundering is often misunderstood by the general public because most people mistakenly think that money laundering is only a drug-related offense. Money laundering is defined as a financial transaction wherein the individual is lying about the identity of the source of the funds, which come from an illegal origin. Drugs are an illegal source of funding but illegal sources of funding come from many different places. It could be corruption money, tax money that is owed, or money from some other shady business.

I Was Unknowingly Involved In A Money Laundering Operation And Am Now Facing State And Federal Charges. Does Not Having Any Knowledge Of It Absolve Me Of All Guilt?

If you are unknowingly involved in something, you cannot be charged because knowing what’s going on is an essential part of the proof. If, as far as you knew, there was no illegal activity, then you wouldn’t be responsible under either state or federal law.

My Husband Moved Money Illegally Through Our Joint Bank Account. I Signed Papers For Him. Will I Also Be Charged With Money Laundering?

The general rule is that you are jointly responsible for crimes attached to your joint bank account with your partner or spouse.

Should I Work With Law Enforcement If I Am Being Investigated For Money Laundering?

The decision to work with law enforcement is something that should be done after consultation with your lawyer. It’s a fool’s errand for anyone to work with law enforcement based on a promise that they will “go easy on you.” First, they don’t have the authority to go easy on you; that’s not their function in the criminal justice system. Secondly, anyone who is interacting with law enforcement without the advice and assistance of a lawyer is really asking for trouble.

Should I Hire An Attorney Beforehand If I Suspect I May Be Arrested For Money Laundering?

You should hire an attorney anytime you suspect you are going to be charged with a crime. Your lawyer can accomplish a great deal in the early stages of a case, when it is under investigation, and those doors will close later if a charge is brought. The sooner you get a lawyer, the better off you will be.

What Are The Penalties Associated With Money Laundering Convictions?

Penalties for money laundering are driven by the amount of money involved and the nature of the transaction. They can run anywhere from probation to 30 years in prison.

Defending Against A Money Laundering Charge

Money laundering defense strategies are complex and involved, and should only be undertaken by an extremely skilled money laundering attorney who has copious amounts of specific experience with Miami money laundering cases. You’ll want to hire an attorney who has taken these cases to trial—and won. Felony money laundering convictions carry stiff penalties and, dependent on the circumstances, could warrant five, fifteen, or even thirty years in prison. That’s hard time in a hard prison and not something anyone wants; therefore, the best way to avoid prison is to not get convicted. And the best way to do that is to hire the highest-rated, most experienced and successful Miami money laundering attorney you can retain.

When you hire a seasoned Miami money laundering attorney, she or he will immediately begin pretrial preparation, because a smart attorney knows that early prep is absolutely the key to winning dismissals and acquittals. At Forman Law Group, we work with Florida’s best investigators and noted experts who will dig deep, and meticulously sift through all records and documents in order to find the relevant information that can help us achieve a successful outcome for your case. Money laundering is a charge that is unlike any other, and to defend against it successfully your Miami money laundering attorney will need to utilize specific techniques. During the process, your Miami money laundering attorney will work with their personal investigators and introduce discovery motions to force every employer, bank, institution, and prosecutor to release all records. Upon receipt of the records, then the full investigation of these pertinent and valuable documents will begin.

This is the core of pretrial preparation, and in order to win money laundering cases, your attorney must be a master of this process. This is because money laundering cases are much like a cat versus mouse scenario. The cat wants to get the mouse, and the mouse wants to live its life and avoid the cat; thus, both cat and mouse try to stay one or two steps ahead of each other. Your Miami money laundering attorney must choose a strategy that will allow him or her to always stay one or two steps ahead of the prosecution. And by doing so, a skilled money laundering attorney can often prevent additional, or perhaps more detrimental, charges from landing—thus helping their client to minimize the overall charges as much as possible. The fewer charges that your attorney must contend with, the better they can focus on beating them and winning your case.

Remember, prosecutors, don’t pursue cases they believe they will lose. If they think they will lose they will seek to get whatever they can in terms of penalties, but they won’t go to trial typically. Therefore, if the prosecutors are preparing for trial, you can rest assured that they think they can win, and that means you must hire a seasoned Miami money laundering attorney who knows what she or he is doing, has been around the block, and has a track record of winning precisely these types of cases. You cannot risk your freedom by going with a green attorney who studied money laundering cases in law school but has never tried multiple ones. You need experience. We have it.

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