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Charged With Money Laundering? You Need An Expert Money Laundering Lawyer!

  • By: Forman Law Group
  • Published: April 2, 2020

Money laundering, cleaning the cash, washing coin, whatever you’ve heard it called in the movies or popular streaming shows, it’s always the same. It’s white collar crime, and it can land you in prison for some hard time. The best way to avoid getting dragged away to prison on a money laundering conviction is to, well, not engage in any illegal activity whatsoever. Sounds simple, right? But what if your business partners were engaged in shady activity behind your back? Maybe they were moving money to catch up on some lost revenue in a slow economy, and keeping it from you because they knew you would definitely not go along with it! What if you’re an accountant or financial manager and your client is engaged in illegal activity, money laundering, and the books and/or cash you’re handling is dirty, but you had no idea? There are multiple possible scenarios, because as much as you try to stay on the up and up, when you’re dealing with other people in business, there are a surprising number who might push the envelope, take risks, hide money on the books, etc. It’s all illegal, and when it’s discovered by law enforcement agents, which it usually is, the chances are good that you’ll be charged, regardless of your innocence, or lack of awareness that anything nefarious was going on.

The law is like a bear. It is difficult to get around, and if it decides to attack there’s not much you can do to stop it. Or is there? The backpacker who’s wandered off the trail and encountered a bear has few options. He or she can’t run or climb, because the bear is faster and better at both. And the chance of winning a battle against a bear is somewhere between zero and whatever is less than zero. But we’re not on a trail, thankfully; this is the business world. And when you work with a fraud cases lawyer/attorney you have options, and oftentimes a skilled money laundering lawyer can defend you against erroneous or questionable charges. The law is aggressive in Miami, Florida, and many states have now implemented zero-tolerance policies, after the Enron scandal and other high profile white-collar crimes that led to the financial meltdown of 2007/2008. However, this is America, and in America, you’re innocent until proven guilty. If you’ve been charged in Miami, Florida, you’ll need us. We are an experienced money laundering lawyer firm and we have a track record of success defending clients against white collar criminal charges.

Successfully Defending Against Money Laundering & Other White Collar Criminal Charges

Money laundering is a white-collar crime. It involves engaging in financial transactions in an attempt to hide the nature of the money that is being laundered or the original source from which the money came. Often, money laundering is tied with other criminal activities, such as racketeering or embezzlement. And if your business partners are involved without your knowledge, you’re innocent, but you’ve got to defend yourself vigorously so you won’t go down with them. Remember, again, you’re innocent till proven guilty, so it’s up to the prosecution to prove you are guilty, to prove you had knowledge of the criminal activity and/or were involved.

There’s an assortment of crimes classified as white-collar, and money laundering is but one of the many. Money laundering and other white-collar crimes are the kind that law enforcement agencies like to make examples of, so before you’re formerly charged chances are good that the federal or state agency investigating you and/or your business partners, liaisons, etc., has been watching your every move for many months. When prosecutors bring charges in white-collar crime cases they typically have spent some serious time building their case, so you must bring the fight to them, and the way to do that is to hire the absolute best, most experienced money laundering lawyer available to you.

Seven Qualifications an Expert Money Laundering Lawyer Should Possess

Highest Integrity

First and foremost, whomever you choose to represent you, your money laundering lawyer must be an attorney of the utmost integrity. You’re in a case that already involves questions about ethics, so the attorney you select should have a great reputation and be known as an honorable, by the book attorney. Remember, we are the company we keep, as the old adage goes.

Research & Investigation Skills

A fraud cases lawyer/attorney is only as good as his or her research and investigative skills. Money laundering cases are often involved and it takes a real expert attorney to unravel all the information, the actions that led to the charges, etc., so you need a money laundering lawyer who has the requisite skills for the job. Your attorney will have to dig deep to find all the answers, so if you want the best chance for a successful outcome, you must find a money laundering lawyer who has these skills in spades. Ask around, get referrals, and do your homework; this is your life, so don’t risk going with a green attorney who hasn’t successfully defended clients in this area previously. You need experience; you need a money laundering lawyer who can get the job done.

Supreme Negotiating Skills

White-collar criminal cases, like all other criminal cases, require an attorney to have excellent negotiating skills, that is if you want to win or get a favorable outcome. Most states give prosecutors some latitude in how they pursue convictions, and in regard to what sentences and punishments they seek for defendants, therefore the better negotiator your money laundering lawyer is, the better chance you have of being exonerated, or getting your charges reduced, sentence reduced, etc. Negotiation is key in white-collar criminal cases.

Courtroom Appeal & Communication

As Shakespeare wrote, “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players,” and a Miami, Florida fraud cases lawyer/attorney is a critical player indeed. If the courtroom is a stage, your attorney must be the principal actor, commanding the attention, acting boldly, never intimidated, delivering a tour de force before the jury. Your attorney’s performance in the courtroom is perhaps equally, or in some cases even more, important than the evidence brought forth by the defense. Jury members are just people, and all people can be influenced by a powerful presentation. Your fraud cases lawyer/attorney must have great communication skills as a speaker and be able to present facts and information adeptly, as well as keep a jury’s focused attention. When the facts are on your side, and your attorney has great courtroom appeal to boot, you’ll be in the best position possible to achieve a favorable outcome.

Intelligence and Knowledge

It goes without saying that your money laundering lawyer needs to be intelligent and knowledgeable, but we’re saying it anyway, or writing it actually. Let’s be clear, white collar criminal cases can be complex, and a green attorney with little or no experience is not who you want defending you, nor do you want an attorney who just barely passed the bar. You want a skilled, intelligent attorney who knows the laws that pertain to white collar crimes like the back of his or her hand. You want a Miami, Florida money laundering lawyer who is highly intelligent to lead you to the best outcome possible.

Perseverance/Staying Power

White-collar criminal cases can sometimes drag on; they can be complex and involved. You need a money laundering lawyer who has patience, one who will persevere and stay with you for the duration. These cases may have twists and turns, so you need a resilient

money laundering lawyer who is up for the challenge. Again, ask for referrals, and do your homework. When you meet with your potential new attorney, ask them directly about their former cases, the outcomes and the length and scope of those cases. Find out how they handle cases, and enter into a relationship with your attorney with confidence, knowing that you’ve selected the best.

Concern for You

Last, but certainly not least, is concern for you. Your money laundering lawyer must demonstrate a clear desire to help; she or he must care about you and the outcome of your case. Observe how you’re treated at your initial meeting, but also after that when you call in to get updates or request further meetings. If you don’t seem to be your attorney’s priority, then don’t make them yours either. You can move on. Get the respect you deserve, and make sure your Miami, Florida attorney cares about you, your future, and how the outcome of your case will affect you and your family.

The Bottom Line: Don’t Risk Your Future

Money laundering is a serious offense, a serious charge, and a conviction can land you in prison. You do not want to risk your reputation, your career, your life, and your family’s future. Take control. Get your life back. No matter what the situation is, we can help you. We have been down this road with many clients before, and we’ll walk it with you as well. Our track record is unparalleled and our reputation is impeccable. Ask around and you’ll hear the same. Call us today and let us help you restore your life, so you can get back to living!

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