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More US Allegations of Venezuelan Officials with ties to FARC

  • By: Forman Law Group
  • Published: September 12, 2011

An interesting post this week by Geoffrey Ramsey on In Sight details Venezuela’s reaction to the US having named four more high-level officials believed to have aided the Colombian guerillas. Read it here. The Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) added Amilcar Jesus Figueroa Salazar, Cliver Antonio Alcala Cordones, Freddy Alirio Bernal Rosales, and Ramon Isidro Madriz Moreno to the list of individuals with whom US persons are prohibited from doing business. All four men are high level Venezuelan government officials, and in the press release that accompanied their addition to the OFAC list, OFAC Director Adam Szubin stated, “Today’s action exposes four Venezuelan government officials as key facilitators of arms, security, training, and other assistance in support of the FARC’s operations in Venezuela.”

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